Go Time


Sire: Selfish
Dam: Attention

Bred by: Olson Farms
EN: 3-5
Registration#: 404862005

Price: $200/dose
Overrun: $100/dose

Go Time is the correct, problem free sire that still offers bulk and stoutness. This guy has big legs and big, square toes. He’s also as comfortable and good in his angles as any red boar we’ll offer. His Attention x Off Label 15-3 mamma is as different a sow as we have. She’s shorter backed and bigger muscled than most. She too comes from one of our best sow families. The Off Label 15-3 sow was Reserve Duroc Gilt at Expo ‘15. Further back, you will find Iconic and King sired females. Yes, those Iconic and King sows. The ones we’ve been building around for several years and the sows that I love to keep sons out of to continue to cross the females in the bottom side of pedigrees. Big time potential both genetically and phenotypically in the breeding boar of the trio.

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Kyle Knauth:

Blane Olson:

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