Out of the same dam as Breaking Rules



Sire: Rule 21
Dam: Distinct

Bred by: Knauth Showpigs
Ear Notch: 26-1
Stress Status: Carrier

Price: $400/dose
Off-Season Price: $200/dose

Breaking Rules has been a standout since he first hit the chip barn. The mother of Breaking Rules is a Distinct x Colt 45 x Closet Monster. With Rule 21 being a Lock It Up x Distinct x Closet Monster this makes Breaking Rules intensely line bred with some of my favorite sows on the farm and easily the most exciting sow family I have been fortunate enough to work with. We have used a lot of HH influence over the years and I feel getting the 3-6 Swagger x Black Attack into pedigrees as often as possible has been a key factor to our success as of late and Breaking Rules would have 4 shots of that sow in his pedigree.

We feel very strongly that Breaking Rules is the best hog we have raised to date and think he will breed on very predictably. This one is incredibly well balanced and impeccable in his build from the side while still being busted open as he comes at you. He has as much natural muscle as you could ever need and everything just fits.

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